Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coasting Along

It’s been awhile since I rode my bike. Years ago I rode it all the time, but lately it just isn’t something I’ve done much of. I can blame it on parenthood or working or whatever, but really, it just hasn’t crossed my mind much. The other night though, the weather was great and I was heading over to a friend’s house just a few blocks away. I thought that rather than drive, I’d bike.

I hopped on, and started down the street. I instantly felt about 5 years younger – it was invigorating. I pedaled, speeding along, even yipping a little bit with the sheer joy I felt. It took me back and I wondered why I didn’t do this all the time. I was riding along so completely joyfully, and about 3 blocks in I hit a pothole and blew my front tire.


Life is like that, I guess. And you can’t let it completely take the wind out of your sales, though when you’re trudging along through the night pushing your bike since you can’t ride it anymore, it’s hard to flash back to the joy you felt just a couple minutes earlier.

But hey, no real harm done. And I was reminded about something I love. Today I dropped my bike off to get the tire fixed and rim checked, so I’ll be ready to hop back on this week.

Whether in life or in the road, we can’t always avoid the potholes, but that’s no reason to hold back. Wish me luck!