Thursday, June 17, 2010

Technology Bites

You know those days when you realize early on that you should probably just get up from the computer and walk away? From the second the first program crashes, you know instinctively that the only way things will end well is if you shut the computer, throw on some shorts and spend the day outdoors. Yet that isn’t an option. So you slug through, feeling your frustration level rising by the hour until by the end, you’re ready to throw your *&#*$^# computer into a fire pit.

I should probably apologize to anyone who had to interact with me after 3pm. I was hardly a joy. I tend to have this low tolerance for technology when it doesn’t work (as my husband is all too aware of, poor guy). In addition to that, I hate the fact that I am woefully ignorant of code and programming skills and other things that the rest of the guys I work with are so capable of speaking about. After my technology troubles, I also found myself repeatedly stuck in situations where I felt pretty much like an idiot.

So why do I work in technology? Beats me. I guess I’m normally pretty good at and happy about what I do. But days like this I just want a cabin on a lake with a cup of tea on a warm sunny afternoon, and no computers or electronics in sight.

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