Friday, July 2, 2010

Think and Grow Exhausted

My newest book on CD for my car time is “Think and Grow Rich”. You know what surprised me about this one? I know it’s been popular forever, but I guess I always thought it was just a book focused on money. Investing, saving, etc. I never looked into it much.

I was totally wrong – this is a GREAT book. It’s definitely right in line with all the other stuff I’ve been reading about how your thinking and feeling affects your success. It’s pretty inspirational and definitely makes you think. The book also gives tons of short bios of amazing, successful people – which I find interesting and motivating. I recommend it for sure!

Anyway, it’s definitely helped feed that fire under me. I’ve realized I’m actually pretty torn in a few directions right now. On the one hand I have some pretty cool and satisfying stuff going on at work. I’ve launched a new service and have, so far, a team of 15 contractors working for me. On the other hand, I have this book I’m working on. And though I’ve been working on shaping the plot and characters in my head, over the past few weeks I haven’t had a moment to sit and put it on paper. Time is the one thing I haven’t had much of, and that’s what I need.

That said, I’m not feeling too bad about it. My plan right now is to roll with the work stuff, and keep thinking about the book. I’m hoping that in a month or so I’ll have enough time to take a couple days off, go out solo to a place in the hill country, and just write and write. I feel confident that this will come and I will make it happen, and oddly that knowledge alone is providing me with peace about it all.

What I’m ready for now is to stop thinking TOO seriously, have a great holiday weekend, and enjoy my amazing little family. Cheers to THAT!

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