Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Life Was Weird

Holy insane week. I have some nutty stuff going on at work that is keeping me busier than I’ve been in a long time. On the one hand its good – I hate being bored. On the other, I could use some downtime, you know? But things should calm down shortly, so there is an end in sight.

So now that I actually have a second to sit and write, I’m drawing a blank . Sheesh. Though I did just remind myself a couple hours ago about some funny past experiences. I used to have a weird, crazy life. I lived all over and it seemed like unlikely things happened all the time. It was great – though after awhile I was ready for a calm, settled lifestyle. Anyway, I was living in New Orleans for awhile at one point and found myself backstage at House of Blues sitting on a couch with Tito Puente, sharing a bottle of vodka for hours. He was awesome and we had a total blast. At the time, that’s just the kind of weird stuff that seemed to happen. But in retrospect, I’m like – wow. That is weird and cool and totally random.

On another random evening a few years earlier Tommy Lasorda invited me out to dinner. I went and we talked about his grandkids because I started the conversation telling him I know nothing about baseball. True story.

Why do I always run into famous people who could be my grandfather? Why not Johnny Depp, just once? There was an evening partying with Jon Lovitz, but, well – he’s not exactly Johnny Depp either. That was a fun night though.

I’ll probably get my writing groove back soon – I feel it coming. In the meantime you’re stuck with odd stories of my former, more bizarre (if less stable) life. Enjoy.

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