Saturday, January 8, 2011

Round Two….Again

I feel like I’m infamous for starting things, stopping them, starting them again, and so on. I think they call that “inconsistency”. My intentions are good, of course. Whether it’s a way of eating, an exercise plan, a writing schedule – whatever. I start off guns blazing, but after anywhere from a week to a couple months, suddenly I find myself way off that trail. In some cases, I forget there ever WAS a trail.

Recently though, I had something of an epiphany. At least, I hope it is. You’ll have to check back after a long enough time to know if I’m for real.

I spent the last year exploring the world of Crossfit, which also introduced me to the concept of Paleo eating. The idea, for those of you who don’t know, is that many diseases and issues of being overweight and such began with the agricultural revolution. By sticking to a diet that our hunter gatherer ancestors had – one of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits nuts and seeds – we will automatically lean out and get healthier. I tried out Paleo the first three months of last year – right about when I started Crossfit workouts 3x a week. I saw great improvements in my body, performance, and overall health – but for many reasons I didn’t connect that to the Paleo diet. I figured it could just as easily be due to the workouts. I slid off the Paleo wagon, and before I knew it I was back to grabbing lunches out with the guys (mainly pizza, burritos, sandwiches – pretty much every NON Paleo food you can think of) and snacking on Goldfish with my 5-year-old.

The end of 2010 found me bloated, frustrated, and at a point where I was ready for big change. REAL change. Long-term change. So here I am again – back to strict Paleo. I’m using a coach/nutrition counselor from Crossfit Central to help keep me on track and motivated the first 21 days. And you know what – so far, it’s been awesome. Granted, I’m only a week in – but usually the first week of this kind of thing is the hardest. You fight cravings for sugar, you’re moody and tired as your body adjusts to the new diet, etc. This time though, even though I had a bit of that, I’m just so completely invested. I’m not eating this way because I HAVE to, it’s because I WANT to. I’m not thinking about what I’m missing or being deprived of – I’m enjoying all the healthy good things I am eating. And a side note – after just one week I feel SO much better physically and mentally. It’s kind of awesome.

I’m good at going through the motions of things – following rules that are laid out for me. But it’s truly another thing to throw yourself into something completely and wholeheartedly. I’m hoping that this round, I manage to set a new trend for myself, and keep my eyes and mind on the path I want to be on.


  1. weren't you eating that way before because you WANTED to? who said you HAD to then? didn't you feel better last time too only to find yourself right back where you started? it doesn't make sense.

  2. I hear you Teddy. It makes as much sense as smart people smoking, or folks not exercising at all despite all the research that shows the endless benefits even light daily exercise provides. Data points don't always give people the necessary catalyst, even when they come from personal success. I guess in this case, when I embarked on this journey last year my motivation was, in part, that I felt like I had to do it. I imagine its much like a smoker feeling like they have to quit even though they're not totally bought into it - and failing, even though they felt great for the month they were able to stop. For my part, I l feel like any sense of having to do this is removed this time around - which I'm sure will impact my ability to maintain over the long term. Thanks!