Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So a Priest and a Rabbi Walk into a Bar.....

Its kind of amazing how much I learn from my kid. He's 5, and a constant source of fresh perspective and frank wisdom. Yesterday we were at the pediatrician. Max had to get 2 shots - never a fun thing to hear.

His response? He jumped up on the table and told me he'd distract himself by being silly. As the nurse stuck needles in his legs, he laid there telling her jokes.
"What's got 4 wheels and flies? A garbage truck!!!" Followed by ridiculous laughter. "Why couldn't the kid get into the pirate movie? It was rated ARGGHHH!" More giggles. The nurse was kind of floored. I think she's more used to tears and kicking. I was pretty amazed myself.

Lesson of the day? You have a choice in how you approach anything. And I for one hope that I can be awesome enough to tell jokes the next time someone needs to stick needles in my legs.

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  1. I love Max! I bet you taught him that trick - only you forgot - and how he's teaching it back to you. Crazy universe.