Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'd Like to Get Off, Please

I notice as I get older, I get more overwhelmed with life. Honestly I don’t know if its age, or lifestyle, or technology, or what. But I’m craving a pause button so I can just literally get off for awhile and slow down.

We went on vacation, but that was a lot of running around – fun, but not too relaxing. I spent 5 hours at The Crossings spa on Labor Day, which WAS relaxing, but just too damn short. I think between work and being a mom and a wife and a home owner and trying to maintain social stuff and exercising….its just busy. And I think that somewhere at my core, I’m more of a slow-moving person than life allows me to be. Shockingly, I find myself envious of stay at home moms, something that I thought would make me nuts and go stir crazy 5 years ago.

Technology hasn’t helped, I decided. Though I use Twitter and Facebook, all those updates I read make me feel uncool, or unfulfilled, or not…whatever enough. Of course those formats lend themselves to only writing about the cool, interesting stuff (for most). Which makes everyone else appear interesting and makes me feel boring. Hmmm.

Back to my point though, there must be some way to recharge regularly and quickly. I don’t have time (part of the problem) so I can’t do a daily hour meditation or whatever. I already exercise, and that’s crammed in at 5:30am. Work isn’t something I can cut time from, nor is sleep. I’m a big sleeper. When does age start allowing you to need less of it? I’m a mess with any less than 7 hours. Anyway, you see my problem. And so I’m overwhelmed and generally feeling a little hamster-cage-ish.

Hopefully I can figure out how to speed up, or I can figure out how to get the rest of the world to slow down. That will be a neat trick!


  1. I'm totally slowed down... grandma pace, actually. That might also be because I don't have a kid or a house or a husband or exercise or a house. I think it's the grass is greener syndrome -- because for serious, you're one of the coolest people I know.

  2. My facebook status a while back: Cathy Setzer is boring. I wasn't always so boring, which is why I'm OK with being boring now ...
    We can't always do everything :)