Monday, September 27, 2010

What's a Picture Worth? Oh, Right.....

So last week I started on a “Vision Book”, which is something I never have attempted before. The concept is pretty simple. You think about goals you have, dreams you want to achieve, and you create a book of images/words/phrases that inspire you and remind you of those dreams. I started on my book with a group of women – we gathered at a wine bar with magazines, scissors and glue sticks.

Honestly, I’m a little cynical when it comes to stuff like this. If I'm being honestly, I was primarily in it for the wine. But you know what? I ended up creating some pages that I really, really love – and that DO inspire and motivate me. I picked up a variety of magazines from the bookstore, as well as a small calendar with quotes and such. Though I had NO idea what I was doing when I sat down, I very quickly got into the groove. A couple hours later I had 4 pairs of pages that I love, and a desire to keep going with more.

I think the trick will be to remember to keep using it to inspire, rather than just letting it collect dust somewhere. Hopefully I can just keep adding into it and refining my vision as time goes on. After all, more goals will surface once I start achieving the ones I’ve already set for myself. Plus, it's a good excuse to play with glue sticks.

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