Monday, January 24, 2011

Do I Look Wise in these Jeans?

There are things I’ve really looked forward to about getting older. Being able to get by with less sleep, for example. Caring less about jeans sizes. Knowing myself better. Having a better handle on the world at large. Being wise.

So what gives? Does any of that stuff actually happen, or is it all a big ruse? Ironically, I think as I’ve gotten older and have had exposure to more experiences and things and people, I’m more confused than ever. People are weird and random things seem to happen all the time. As for knowing myself, I keep being surprised, even after nearly 4 decades. And the sleep thing definitely hasn’t hit at all. I really kind of need that one. I’d be so much more productive if I didn’t pass out at 10pm every night. ;-)

Well, one thing has happened. I’ve gotten tired of bullshit. ;-) Primarily my own, but also the piles of it that can build up around me. Life is just too short and I have better things to do than spend my time on things I have no control over. Especially stuff that doesn’t do anyone any good. I can’t control what people say and do. I can’t control whether people are nice or not, or whether they are considerate, or whether it will be sunny tomorrow.

But I can control some things.

I can control what I say and do. I can control how I react to things, what I do with my free time, what I eat, whether I decide to take something personally. I can control whether I let something outside my control ruin my whole day. What do I chose?

So today I got up early, and started the morning with my family. I took my beautiful son to school and kissed him goodbye on those amazing, perfect cheeks. I went to work, got things done, and I stayed calm and polite even when others chose not to. After a long day I headed to Crossfit and pushed myself to finish a hard workout. I came home and ate delicious healthy food sitting down at the table with my family so we could talk and share about our day, and just be together for a bit. And now I plan to sink into a hot bath and read before bed.

There is a lot I can’t control - but there is a lot I can, even if its small stuff. And it was a really good day.

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